Judianity - A Third Way Between Judaism and Christianity ?

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Judianity - A Third Way for Judians ?

Judianity - A Third Way Between Judaism & Christianity ?

Judianity - A "Third Way" Between Judaism & Christianity ?

Judianity presents itself as a Torah observant "third way" between Christianity & Judaism.

But it's really only a small group of websites and some good intentions. Smiley FaceWelcome!

Don't Believe What You Read Here!

No, we mean it. There are bound to be errors here, somewhere. Some good rules for testing the authenticity of sites like this are: i). the more scriptures the better ii). check the references for yourself, iii). read around the subject and iv). don't just not just read views that you've always agreed with. Like the Bereans, base your beliefs on the words of scripture (Acts 17:11) and examine whether you're in the faith (2 Cor 13:5).

Judianity is Torah Observant

Judians (believers in Judianity) argue that God's religion is consistent from cover to cover in the Bible and that the written Torah remains valid today for Jews and Gentiles alike. In fact, we'd say the Psalmist was right to pen the longest chapter in the Bible (Psalm 119) in praise of God's law !

Indeed, years after Christ's sacrifice, scripture shows that Peter continued to insist on eating only Levitically clean foods (cf. Acts 10:14, Leviticus 11). Just as controversially for Christians, Paul similarly kept the Levitical laws of ritual purity years after Christ's crucifixion (Acts 21:26) and although its not widely discussed, many Christian commentators believe that Paul offered sacrifices at the Temple after Christ's crucifixion. So, Judianity believes that the Greek or Apostolic Scriptures build on the Hebrew Scriptures without contradicting them or replacing them, not least because:

Malachi 3:6

6 For I am the LORD, I change not...

Hebrews 13:8

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (cf. John 1:1-14)

So did the apostle Paul "do away" with the written Torah law in Galatians ? Judians argue, that had he done so, the doctrinal debates would have completely eclipsed the comparitively minor but only controversy recorded in the Apostolic Scriptures about the validity of the Torah: confirming that the circumcision of gentile proselytes was unnecessary (Acts 15).

Neither Judaism nor Christianity

Regrettably, today's Judaisms and Christianities are heavily influenced by non Biblical traditions. Arguably todays Judaisms aren't entirely authentic representations of the religion of the Tanakh, not least because Jews don't recognise the Messiahship of Yeshua / Jesus of Nazareth but Judians also don't believe that God gave the Israelites a "temporary, second class religion", only to replace it with todays' Christianities either. Christians can claim that the presence of God's Holy Spirit and being in a New Covenant relationship, means that some Torah commandments are "no longer physical but spiritual". How is it then that of the seventy elders who were given God's Spirit, not one claimed that any of the Torah commandments didn't apply to them. So, Judianity can't endorse Christianity's attempts to pick and choose what it believes from the Hebrew scriptures.

So, Judianity's The Same as Messianic Judaism - Right?

Judianity is perhaps a close relative of Messianic Judaism, but regretably (at least in the UK) Messianic Judaism seems to have an almost exclusively Jewish focus.

Some Judian Study Topics

Let's now take a closer look at: Judianity: the same for Jews and Gentiles.
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